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“Good timing.”

♥♥ MERRY CHRISTMAS, isaviel! ♥♥

Dominic Hewitt & Phaedra Laskaris

It had been a long flight, tedious and uneventful but somehow all the more exhausting for that fact. When it had come time to bid the passengers farewell after touchdown his hat had felt strangely heavy and he’d resented having to wear it, silently vowing to remove the ridiculous thing as soon as possible once he got off the plane himself.

The airport had been decorated in fits and bursts, tinsel here and a tree cut-out there, a few of the employees at some of the stores and restaurants had gone one better and dressed up. Dominic smiled quietly to himself as he passed them by, reaching up to do just as he’d promised himself and remove the cap that sat atop his head, wheeling his travel case behind him. People he didn’t know nodded or smiled or greeted him as he walked along and he returned it all, wishing total strangers Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, reciprocating the sentiments as and when they were offered, as was expected of him.

He was just so tired. All he wanted to do was get home, perhaps before midnight if the traffic wasn’t too terrible. Christmas Eve in Los Angeles. Dominic sighed to himself, cap in one hand, long handle in the other, silently calling himself a fool for thinking he could make it when he glanced up at a clock and saw how little time he had to make it into the city before one day ticked over into the next.

It wouldn’t be the first time he had been late or missed Christmas altogether but that didn’t mean anything, that didn’t change anything. He still hated to leave her on her own on the day, he liked being there with her when the clock chimed midnight, loved being the first one to wish her Merry Christmas. A phone call couldn’t even come close but as he walked along, getting closer and closer to the doors leading out to where friends and families were awaiting the arrival of their loved ones he realised he would probably have to settle this year. Next year, he told himself, he was going to arrange to take the time off.

That was when he caught the scent, just the finest thread in the air. His head lifted and he found her at once, his eyes fixing on her immediately, even when she was surrounded by strangers. Her face lit up in a smile and she gave him a small wave, her fingers doing most of the work.

Dominic smiled back, making his way through the doors and over to his mate. His greeting was wordless, a kiss that she immediately returned, her face angled up to his, knowing before he even acted what he was going to do. When they parted she was still smiling and so was he. There was tinsel in her hair, he noticed, and he chuckled warmly, raising his hand to set his hat on her head, giving the peak a tap with one finger.

“Good timing,” he said to her and she beamed. “Merry Christmas,” he told her before bowing to claim another kiss.

Tags: character: dominic hewitt, character: phaedra laskaris, game: brutality, pairing: dominic/phaedra, special: gift
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